Lacquer- Protection-Labels

Protection labels protect your products or components during production process against scratches and dirt.

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Here you will find intelligent label solutions assorted according to business lines.

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Protection-Labels Residue-free removable.
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Lacquer- Protection-Labels and Scratch-Protection-Labels – the Perfect Protection for Surfaces.

If in Production Processes or Transports – Your Product Remains perfect.

Whenever during production process there is the risk that your products or components might be scratched or soiled, e. g. by lacquer splashes or simply by dust, they easily can be protected against by the Lacquer- and Scratch-Protection-Labels from us.


For each Product the Individual Solution.

As different as products and components, as individual are our Robos-Product-Solutions. Depending on the requirements we have a wide choice of glues at our disposal that allow removing the labels from the substrate without any remainder. This is of special importance for mobile phones and screens.


High Temperatures? We have Special Materials for each Intended use.

The robust labels are available in various kinds of foils; there are also foils that withstand high surrounding temperatures, for example during drying processes or special baths.


Robos - Your Competent Partner:

Robos-Labels are specially aligned with the requirements of the technical industry. The products fulfil most stringent quality standards and make us an A-supplier for the technical industry.

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