Labels with UL-certification

Labels and type-plates with approval for the American market.

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Labels with UL-certification Labeling for the North-American market
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Approved safety by UL-certified labeling

Robos is your partner when it comes to the correct labeling for the North-American market. We offer you 21 certificates which enable the export to the USA and Canada in conformity with the law. The topic of UL-labeling is highly complex, but you can rely on the experience of our company for over 25 years. Since 1993 we are a certified UL-label manufacturer and additionally entitled to print any UL logotype on the labels. We are happy to provide you first insights to the topic of UL on this site!

What is an UL-certification?

The Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (short: UL) is an independent institute founded in Northbrook, USA in 1894. Similar to the German TÜV it tests all kinds of goods which will be imported to the USA or manufactured in the USA, for example for the safety of use. This happens out of public interest and for reasons of consumers’ protection. As soon as a product or device will be given for certification to the UL, all the parts of the device will be examined – e.g. type plates as well. Further services of the UL include examination, consulting, monitoring, analytics and certification of labeling products.

UL-labels from Robos – The Label Company
Label your products for the North-American market correctly – with UL-compliant labels.

Which requirements do the UL-labels have to meet?

The UL specification 969 “Standard for marking and labeling systems” defines the requirements for the labeling systems equipped with adhesives, printed labels, plates and user manuals.

The UL 969 regulates the requirements and testing methods of the consistency of the label material, the printing process and the temperature resistance of a label. Further regulations include the adhering power on different surfaces, the possibility of thermal transfer printing as well as the overall construction of a label. UL adheres labels onto characteristic test surfaces and exposes labels to typical workload to win information about resilience and readability.

Especially the readability of the imprint is important, because often there is safety-relevant information on labels and type plates. When they meet the criteria, the products get the respective certification or approval.

Resilient and perfectly legible: labels with UL-certification.

Which application programs does UL distinguish?

According to the requirements Robos offers you different products for the certification, these comply with the application programs of the UL. Those are highly complex and include numerous requirements. We will be glad to give you an outline of single programs. Our colleagues will be happy to provide you detailed information.

UL File: E346480 TEOU2/TEOU8: Repackaged Recognized Components

For this application program we produce plain labels which can be imprinted with thermal printing method subsequently at customer’s site. Mostly cautions or serial numbers will be printed. With over 100 pre-certified materials we can cover a wider range of requirements which allows for a fast processing. Additionally, there are TTR ribbons which correspond with these materials. In the end the evaluation is made in accordance with the requirement ANSI/UL 969.

UL File: MH26028 PGDQ2/PGDQ8: Marking und Labeling System

For this program Robos delivers already imprinted warning plates and labels, which must not be inscribed subsequently at the end customers’ site. A special aspect is that the UL has tested and certified the processing steps of our own materials combination.

UL File: MH48629 PGJ12/PGJI8: Marking und Labeling System -Printing Materials

For this UL program Robos prints labels and warning plates, which will be imprinted with additional variable data subsequently at customers’. Here the UL has tested and certified the processing steps of our own material combination and also tests the respective TTR ribbons. These, as already mentioned, correspond with the respective material.

UL File: LP4017 PGAA: Authorized Label Suppliers Program

In this case Robos delivers imprinted labels and warning plates which are already equipped with the imprinted UL logotype. This indicates to the consumer that the respective product or device is approved by the UL. For the label it is specified that it must not be non-destructively removable. This way manufacturers and consumers will be protected from plagiarisms.

Our portfolio of materials for UL­certified labels in programs Marking und Labeling System/Printing Materials

Along with the desired UL­application program, the choice of suitable label materials always orients at the substrate which has to be labeled as well as at the required tem­perature sustainability.

Our standard product range includes almost 100 different materials pre­certified by the suppliers.

Our standard range of certificates includes 21 UL certifications which will be produced in digital printing (ROPET) or in silk screen (Robosfilm). Both producing methods allow for an optimum printing results in accordance with the requirements of your desired printing motifs.

For reasons of clarity we have sectioned our UL­certifications in four categories depending on the materials:

MATERIALS CATEGORY 1: Labels without laminate

  • ROPETwhite
  • ROPET silver
  • ROPETtrans
  • Robosfilm silver
  • Robosfilm white
  • Robosfilm white 02

MATERIALS CATEGORY 2: Labels with glossy laminate

  • ROPETgloss white
  • ROPETgloss silver
  • ROPETgloss trans
  • Robosfilm gloss trans
  • Robosfilm white ex
  • Robosfilm silver ex

MATERIALS CATEGORY 3: Labels with matte laminate

  • ROPETmatt white
  • ROPETmatt silver
  • ROPETmatt trans
  • Robosfilm matt white
  • Robosfilm matt silver ex

MATERIALS CATEGORY 4: Labels with matte scratch- resistant laminate

  • ROPETmatt white scratchresist
  • ROPETmatt silver scratchresist
  • ROPETmatt trans scratchresist
  • Robosfilm matt white scratch resist

Do you need labels for approved components or for UL-listed end product?

Either you need labels for approved components or for UL-listed end products is relatively easy to distinguish.

When approving or UL-recognizing only the single components will be taken into account, e.g. a type plate, a cable etc. You can recognize the components by an inverted RU. Since 1998 Robos produces labels with components approval and has 21 approved material combinations for it.

In the case of listing (UL-listed) the products made of different single components will be registered, for example a complete electronical device (overhead projector). The listed products can be recognized by a circle with UL in the center. The labels may be only manufactured by authorized label manufacturers (so-called authorized label supplier program). Robos has rejoined this program in 2010.

Robos is your authorized label manufacturer

This complex topic requires decades of experience, you can rely thereon with Robos. We offer you 21 own UL certificates, thus you as a customer can avoid time- and costs-intense new certifications. Hereby our labels will be manufactured in digital printing or in silkscreen. The result is upscale prints which perfectly meet your demand.

Additionally, we offer you a wide range of colors, our labels with UL-certification are also available with flexible data imprints. For all requirements which are beyond our ready-made solutions, we immediately find a solution tailored to your needs which also meets all the legal requirements.

Thus we provide satisfied customers in UL-sector since 1993 and we are sure that we can find a suitable solution for you as well.

Our contacts are looking forward to your requests, further information can be found in our brochure about labels with UL-certification.

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