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Labels for precise and durable marking in laboratories

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Laboratory labels Safe identification in medical sector
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Important information is always available

All the relevant data space-saving on a label

Laboratory labels mark tubules, test tubes and blood bags in the pharmaceutical industry, medical sector and in laboratories. Data like production date, date of expiry, batch number, EAN- and barcodes are available on these labels. The fast access to the detailed data material is possible within seconds.

Laboratory labels resist extreme conditions

Laboratory labels are produced especially for these purposes with regard to material, printing methods and adhesive and they are very durable. They resist extreme conditions and withstand storage in liquid nitrogen as well as in chemicals and solvents. They have to be readable even after heavy duty and also remain tamper-proof. Overlapping application shows the best stability on test tubes and tubules.

Barcode labels for laboratory documentation
Labels for test tubes

Special requirements for the labelling in laboratories

The objects which have to be labelled often have small diameter; therefore special adherent glue and particularly flexible materials are required. The risk of migration must be avoided by all means for other containers. For that purpose we use special certified materials.

The labelling of blood bags with certified materials

Transfusion medicine has special requirements – also for the materials of a label. The materials are approved for the labelling of blood bags and they are also eligible for food. The labels are inscribable subsequently with thermal transfer printing. The combination of labels and colour tape is also certified.

Safe labelling of donated blood
Blood bag labels

Barcode labels in medical labelling

A safe identification in medical sector is of vital importance. Barcode labels are used for those purposes. Either the identification of blood bags and patients or the labelling of specimens in hospitals and laboratories – the application range in the health care is widespread. Barcode labels provide immediate access to wide data range; simplify and organize workflows and support a flawless medical care.

Not only blood bags, specimens or patient charts can be labelled, but medical equipment and inventory as well.

Special labels even for the smallest diameters
Laboratory label with barcode

Documentation with peel-off labels

We offer double-layer labels for the documentation in laboratories and hospitals: a part of the label can be peeled off and affixed e.g. on the patient chart or some other underground.

100% security due to the video control system

A special video control system makes sure that there are no duplicate labels.

Technical information about laboratory labels

  • Laboratory labels can be printed multicoloured
  • Subsequent printing of texts and codes on pre-printed or blank labels is possible with thermal transfer printing
  • Laboratory labels can be produced of paper or foil
  • Depending on the requirements permanent or removable adhesive
  • Laminates can protect against damage, humidity and outside influences if required
  • Small badges can enjoy the full advantages of the digital printing
  • Label sizing: different sizes are available, please send us your request

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