Locking-labels are available as transparent adhesive dots or as the decorative proof of the initial opening.

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Locking-Labels Decorative and functional.
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Sealing Labels for All Intents and Purposes

Perfect for Sealing, Decoration and as Evidence of Initial Opening

Sealing labels are chosen for a wide variety of uses, e. g. for packed food, such as honey jars. Very often sealing labels are designed as a decorative label with the additional function of evidence of the initial opening for packaging applications. Furthermore sealing labels can be utilised as functional sealing gadgets in form of transparent gluing dots for secondary packaging or postal items.


The Perfect Sealing Label for you – we find the Solution that fits.

If labels for reclosing for food or perforated labels for easy undoing the sealing label - the ideal label materials and adhesives are chosen, the imprint is designed, always depending on the needs and the application areas. The labels can be removable or permanently adhesive and have an authenticity protection in addition. Do talk to us about your requirements; we have the right ideas.


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