Metallic labels

Silver, golden or coloured foil labels with metallic effects.

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Metallic labels Low-cost realization of silver and golden effects
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Position your product in premium segment

What are Metallic labels?

Metallic labels are labels with gleaming metallic appearance which reflect the light. They are made not of metals but of flexible silver foil material. Silver, golden or bronze tones can be created by printing in different colours. Coloured motifs within wide spectrum of colours are also possible. By partial suppression of the white printing colour, single design elements can appear metallic or support the metallic gleam of the colours.

Attractive metallic labels make product quality visible.
Attractive metallic labels make product quality visible.

Depending on the type of foil, the metallic effects can be produced glossy or matt. Compared to hot or cold foil stamping, metallic labels offer a low-cost alternative. At Robos they will be produced using the most modern printing machines by digital printing.

Not just precious, but robust as well.

Metallic labels by Robos deliver what they promise. They are not just decorative but moreover robust and tailored to your needs. They often have to withstand different external conditions. Irrespective of climatic influences, abrasion or grease and essential oils resistance, the labels should remain readable and look good even after a long time. For that Robos provides suitable combinations of materials.

Metallic labels – at home in many sectors.

They can be found everywhere, where products for consumers or commerce have to be placed in premium position. They are not only in demand for luxury items, but also for products in cosmetics, personal care and food sectors. Even cleaning products, chemical products and lacquers as well as durables will be optically upgraded by metallic labels.

Labels with metallic effect by digital printing.
Metallic labels for different sorts.

Even more attention for your product?

In addition to the metallic labels also labels with the holographs, embossing and sparkling effects are the real eye-catchers. Haptic effects like the relief lacquer or odor effects impress as well. We would be glad to send you samples.

Technical information about metallic labels

  • Metallic labels can be produced in the wide colour spectrum of modern digital printing machines.
  • Different forms and individual die cuttings are possible.
  • Metallic labels are available glossy or matt.
  • Depending on the requirements permanent or removable adhesive.
  • Laminates can protect against damage, humidity and outside influences if required.
  • The benefits of digital printing can be fully applied; even small badges and samples are economically feasible.
  • Metallic labels can be personalised or consecutively numbered.
Silver and golden labels by digital printing.
Metallic labels on a roll.

Ask for free samples:

We would be glad to send you selected samples. For our customers we have also produced colour charts for the metallic labels. There you can see an example of many colourings with the corresponding CMYK colour specifications.

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