Multi-Layer-Labels can transport plenty of information. The product stays visually appealing.

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Multi-Layer-Labels For hints, promotional games and much more.
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Multi-Layer-Labels – More Space for Information directly on the Product.

A multi-layer-label has got several layers. It exists of a top layer with text information, pictures or pictograms and with at least one lower layer with additional space for information. Thus you get an ingenious solution with a lot of space for information and hints whenever a simple label is not big enough.


More Possibilities than you can Imagine.

When the label is closed you cannot see the lower layers. If the top layer that is connected with the lower layer is unfolded, the pieces of information on the rear side of the top layer as well as those on the lower layers become visible for the customer. Here a lot of additional and even delicate information can be placed.


Multi-Layer-Labels – Ideal for Promotion Campaigns as well.

Not only for the marking of chemicals must lots of safety instructions be enlisted, but all cases where the surface available on the products mostly is not sufficient. Ideal applications for multi-layer-labels are pieces of information in different foreign languages, or sketches of recipes or if special promotion campaigns, such as competition games shall be advertised. In such cases for example an individual winning code or other voucher promotions can be placed in the inside part of the multi-layer label.


The Appearance of your Product remains Optimal.

Yet another advantage of multi-layer-labels is that the product design is not over-charged with huge labels or with too much detailed information. These are placed on the multi-layer-label in a most sophisticated way. Multi-Layer-Labels often are called Sandwich-Labels or Peel-Off-Labels.


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