No-label-look-labels made from crystal-clear foils – your product seems to be directly printed.

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No-Label-Look-Labels Adaptable and highly transparent.
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No-Label-Look-Labels – Almost as if Directly Printed.

Crystal-Clear Foils for Highest Demands as to Design and Quality.

If your product shall look as if it had been directly printed, but that possibility is out of question, labels in the no-label-look are the ideal solution. An additional advantage: Different varieties can be realised much more favourably or even be expanded by additional varieties at short term.


Invisible and Adaptable.

Thanks to the highly transparent foils the labels are nearly invisible. The polypropylene foils are flexible and easily adaptable, that is why they can adapt to each curve and unevenness and at the same time be most resistant. They make the consumer believe that the product is printed directly. The adhesives applied have to look crystal-clear. Whether in the retail market or under the shower at the consumer’s the labels are exposed to lots of handling contacts in most different surroundings. Depending on the requirements, different printing methods are applied or combined with each other.


Noticeable Brand Make Representation at the Point-of-Sale.

Fields of application are mainly the cosmetics industries, the beverage industries and the food industries, where the labels very often additionally are refined with gold or silver in order to catch a high degree of attention of the customers’. That kind of refining is transposed by cold and hot foil embossing which allow realising precious effects.


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