Membrane Keypads

Membrane keypads are resistant against abrasion and cleaning agents and as such ideal for the marking of operating elements.

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Membrane Keypads Robust and resistant.
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Membrane Keypads Combining Function and Design

High grade front panels in perfect quality decorate operating elements of machines, devices und equipments.

For membrane keypads, also named overlays, front panels or keyboard foils, mainly polycarbonate and polyester materials in different thicknesses are used. These materials are printed in a mirror image from the back and after that furnished with an adhesive layer. Thus the print is protected against mechanical and other influences, and at the same time the overlays get a significantly longer life span. With highly precise die-cutting systems the materials are shaped, spaces are taken into account and pressed out. This way the demand for even narrow tolerances, especially required by the automotive and electronic industries, can be met.


Overlays and Front Panels have different Requirements:

As markings of operating elements the membrane keypads must be resistant against abrasion, cleaning chemicals and very often against lubricants as well. They must be dust-tight and easy to clean.


Membrane Keypads – Intuitive and Easy to Handle:

During production processes it must be possible to operate some front panels by wearing gloves, in such cases it is recommended to impress the push-buttons sensibly embossed. The overlays and front panels can be supplied in various material thicknesses. UL- and CSA-recognitions complete the Robos production programme.


We have the Solution that meets the Marking of your Operation Elements:

Do describe us the task of the front panel label, we will find the technical realisation that matches.

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