QR-code-labels can be read out with a smart phone app and linked to a home-page.

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Here you will find intelligent label solutions assorted according to business lines.

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QR-Code-Labels As well numbered or personalised.
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The Short Way to your Brand.

From any URL from the internet it is possible to generate a two-dimensional, square QR-Code. QR stands for Quick Response. The QR-Code can be printed very small on the label and shortly be read out by a smart phone. With a QR-code on the label the customer will be linked to any desired page in the internet within seconds. Whether competition games, product videos or security queries for the protection against plagiarism - the application options of QR-code-labels are diverse.


Let your Customers participate in the World of your Products.

More information via web pages, pictures and image can be transported than the product marking alone could do. Furthermore there is the possibility to save the label from being spilled with too much and confusing information. The label is produced in digital printing and can be combined with security features, contain consecutive numbering or be personalised. That is how, theoretically, you can individualise each label by the lots of possibilities of the digital printing, and thus offer distinctive and unique parts. QR-Codes allow for easy retrieving of advertising contents and make your product even more attractive and accessible. QR-Codes also are used in the logistics and can be under-stood as a connector between real and virtual product worlds.


The Correct Label Material for each Operation Purpose:

Depending on the requirement of the application the QR-label can be made from paper or from foil. The material, however, should be opaque in order that the QR-code can be read by the scanner without any problem. QR-code-labels can be produced in most varied sizes, shapes and designs. They can be designed with additional pictures and texts and used for information and decoration. In order to fix the QR-code-label to your product safely, there are various possibilities to affix special adhesive fields. This way, for example, the label can be formed to a loop and attached to any product you like. But there is also the possibility to affix just one special adhesive field to the QR-code-label on its top in order to fix it to the packaging of the product, still allowing flexibility. Nowadays QR-codes are found more or less everywhere. Whether on products in retail shelves, on posters or on business cards – the QR-Code is the most advanced possibility to attain most substantial amount of information. Do talk to us – we have got the visionary ideas for your new application possibilities.

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