Haz-mat-labels mark products and goods. If requested they are resistant against sea water or chemicals.

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Haz-Mat-Labels Made to your demands.
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Haz-Mat-Labels – A Safe Solution.

Marking of Dangerous Goods.

Haz-mat labels very often are used in the transports and logistics fields. They are attached to transporting containers, packaging and transporting devices for hazardous materials. There are nine hazard classes that disperse from explosive, gasiform, flammable, toxic, to corrosive and radioactive categories.


Generally the label shows the haz-mat symbol and the number of the hazard class. This marking gives information about the consistency of the goods transported, and the possible dangers arising from them, respectively. Whenever there is an incident with hazardous goods, the situation can be judged faster and the respective measures can be initiated immediately.


Tailored for you.

The haz-mat labels can be adapted to your individual requirements. They can be made from paper or foil, always depending on the operation purposes and the specified durability. The haz-mat-labels normally are square shaped, standing on its tip. Many other individual shapes are also possible. Furthermore in many sectors the marking with alignment-arrows is requested. These are black or red on a suitable and well contrasting background.


On the Safe Side with Internationally Standardised Marking.

On 1st of June 2015 the „Substances Directive“ and the “Preparations Directive” will be finally abrogated by the GHS-Regulation. This also heavily affects your marking with haz-mat labels. GHS is the abbreviation for “Globally Harmonized System of Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals”. I. e. it is a worldwide Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). Here again Robos offers you a large selection of GHS-Stickers and GHS-Labels. We can guarantee sea water resistance as well as the general resistance against chemicals or other aggressive liquids.


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