Sealing Labels

Sealing labels fall into pieces in case they are opened or peeled away. They document the initial opening of the product or any unauthorised access.
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Sealing Labels Seals for guarantee and security.
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High Quality Sealing Labels

Protect your Products against Unauthorised Access.

Sealing labels are made from manipulation-proof, self-adhesive documentary foil, they would fall into pieces in case they were peeled off. It is impossible to take off a sealing label and transfer it as a whole. Therefore, a manipulation of the label is not possible. Sealing labels serve as guarantee and security seals or for the marking of property – labels made from documentary foils as well are applied as seals of approval and as safety-related name plate labels. Another possibility are is to use void-labels that leave a checkerboard pattern or special letterings on the surface when they are pulled off, i. e. they cannot be transferred as a whole.


Authenticity Protection by Security Labels – Yes, it Pays off.

The very extensive product group of Robos’ Security Labels offers solutions to the topics authenticity protection and other security applications. Opened sales packaging, unauthorised access to electronic components or imitated products can be excluded by the security solutions of Robos. And the major advantage is the enormous cost-saving potential for our customers.


Maximum Protection against Misuse.

Especially in the event of a complaint these Robos-Products are good indicators whether technical devices, sales packaging or inventory goods had been handled correctly. Scratch-off labels as well perform a sealing function – they protect pieces of information and document unauthorised access. They mainly are used as PIN-Covers.


Moisture, Dirt, High Temperatures?

Depending on their uses, the seal labels are suitable for most different surfaces and environments. Please ask us. We will find the correct material and printing methods for your labels.


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