Security labels are tamper-proof and, therefore, distinguish your products from counterfeiting products.
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Security Labels Cannot be imitated.
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Security-Labels – No Chance for Counterfeits

Protect your Products against Misuse.

The word Security Label is the generic term for a multiplicity of diverse labels that are equipped with most miscellaneous safety features. These safety features can be combined with each other as well. That way the protective function can be boosted.


Tamper-Proof Labels – Value for Money.

Because of their printing, finishing or materials, the production of an imitation of tamper-proof labels is only possible with very large expenditures. Foil materials are chosen that crumble away when they are pulled off thus they cannot be transferred in one single piece. Here special document foil is used. An attempt to manipulate is visible at once. So, for example, labels can be furnished with special glues that leave a silvery checkerboard pattern or a VOID-lettering on the surface when the label is pulled off.


Almost Impossible to Imitate – Security Labels with Special Features Produced in High Quality.

A Hologram mainly serves for the possibility that counterfeits are rapidly recognised also by the end consumer. The holograms can be affixed as a stripe, text, a logo or they can be produced as an independent label.


Micro-Letterings imprinted are extremely small and invisible with for naked eye. For the authenticity check they must be enlarged by a 10 x to 20 x magnification. It also is very difficult to imitate guilloches. Guilloches are overlaying patterns and ornaments that we know from banknote printings.

UV-fluorescent colours can be employed in many ways. Not visible in daylight, they serve the authenticity check under the UV-light.

Track & Trace: By prints-on of graphics that can be read by scanners, such as Data-Matrix-Codes or QR-Codes, goods can be tracked and their authenticity can be validated by using the home-page data of the producer.

Micro-Particles: Micro-particles are extremely small plastic granulates, made from up to 10 ultra-thin layers of different colours. Each colour represents one figure and the colour sequence results in a numerical code. This way up to 37 million different codes are possible. These micro-particles are applied to the label with a lacquer and, later on doubtlessly can be assigned to the producer.


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