Special Labels for Difficult Surfaces

Special labels adhere to oily or cast parts. They are also well made for curved substrates and they are most robust.

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Special Labels Ideal for difficult surfaces.
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Difficult Surfaces? No Problem at All.

Special Safe Adhesive Force Labels made by Robos.

Surfaces that are oily or made from powder-coated substrates are difficult to be pasted up; they need suitable label materials and glues. Curved surfaces as well can be glued with special labels. We use many types of special glues and will certainly find the correct material combination for your application.


High Bonding Power due to High-Tech Materials and Innovative Technology

Labels and markings for the technical industry must withstand the harshest conditions. Our labels for this sector are of high quality and most robust. We produce labels for goods, equipment and machinery that stand out due to their extremely high resistance against chemical and mechanical influences. At the same time the labels glue safely on rough or oily surfaces, also in case of extreme conditions such as frost or special heat. Furthermore the labels can be marked subsequently.


Blazing Heat? Your Label stays Cool.

Extreme surroundings, e. g. in the engine compartment or on printed circuit boards (PCB) require extreme solutions as to upper materials, printing and glues. In the case of the production of printed circuit boards or melting and soldering processes temperatures of up to 300° Celsius can be reached. By using special printing methods combined with special adhesives these labels, depending on the use case can support extreme temperatures from -196° up to +300°C. Additionally special protection laminates ensure that the labels, placed at mechanically highly strained places can easily be read after many years.


Labels with UL-Recognition? We are the Right Partner for You.

Comparable with the German TÜV (Technical Control Service) in the USA all goods are controlled as to their safety of use, their performance and their quality. The comparable Canadian Service is called CSA. The labels from Robos are available with the UL-recognition or with the CSA-recognition. We would be glad to give you our advice to this topic. We would gladly send you a sample of your choice.


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