Precise dye-cut-parts connect components, they isolate, they insulate or they protect.
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Here you will find intelligent label solutions assorted according to business lines.

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Dye-Cut-Parts Connect components, minimize noise.
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Dye-Cut Parts with and without Adhesive

Insulation, protection and isolation

The Robos production programme ranges from transfer adhesives to foil dye-cut parts, they are used as insula¬tion elements, protection elements or isolation elements. The most frequent application fields are found in the automotive industry where labels and dye-cut parts often connect various components, e. g. at ventilation grilles or hose systems. In addition these labels have an absorbing function in the area of noise minimisation or they are built-in the accessory area of infotainment systems or hands-free equipment.


Dye-Cut Parts Provide Manifold Protection of Parts during Production.

Highly precise blanking installations allow minimised tolerances especially required in the automotive and electronic industries. A large variety of materials tops off the production line. The precision dye-cut parts are applied in various different sectors.


The Perfect Product Solution by Robos:

Our technical advisers will find the ideal materials and the optimum adhesive for your required labels. Our modern machines guarantee precision, high quality and a cost-efficient solution. Do talk to us.


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