Tissue Labels

Tissue labels suitable for labels for visitors, but also for cables and equipment. Being flexible and tear-proof they can excellently be bonded over edges.
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Fabric Labels Flexible and open for lettering on site.
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Fabric Labels

Self Adhesive – Tear- Proof – Re-Detachable

Fabric labels are made from acetate nylons therefore, extremely tear proof. The adhesive surface is coated with permanently gluing acrylate glue, thus giving a high initial adhesion, especially on textile fibres. That is why fabric labels are perfect for marking textiles, among others labels for visitors.


The fact that the glue does not penetrate deeply into the structure prevents the gluing surface from getting soiled. Thus the label can be adhered once more. The adhesive strength, however, decreases, as the textile fibres of the clothing remain attached to the glue when the label is removed. In the technical range fabric labels can be used for marking cables, electric accessories and production facilities. They are most flexible and tear-proof, that is why they can excellently be bonded over edges. That very often makes sense when it is necessary to mark individually with subsequent entries.


Fabric labels from Robos can be marked subsequently by hand with ball point pens or waterproof felt tip pens as well as in thermo-transfer printing. Make your clothes distinctive with fabric labels. Or give a personal “identification badge” to your guests and visitors with a nameplate. Would you like to have your fabric labels printed individually? No problem for us. Send us your logo and let us know your styling wishes. We will convert your wishes of fabric labels perfectly. We will give you extensive and qualified advice.

We will give you extensive and qualified advice.


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