Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons for subsequent inscription on site.
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Thermal transfer ribbons Brand quality for your printer
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Thermal transfer ribbons for the thermal transfer printer

Perfect printing results for your self-adhesive labels

The ribbons consist of polyester foil which is equipped with a heat-sensitive layer on the one side. By heating the particular points of the thermal transfer ribbon the color layer will be sharply contoured applied to non-printed or preprinted labels.

The high opacity of the color application is very important especially for barcode labels to ensure the optimum readability for the barcode scanner. The thermal transfer ribbons are available in different selected colors.

Thermal transfer labels - either preprinted or blank - are also available at the label printing company Robos.
Thermal transfer ribbons in best brand quality.

Subsequent inscription of labels

With a thermal transfer printer you have the possibility to inscribe the adhesive labels with various data locally. Depending on the thermal transfer printer and the label material, suitable thermal transfer foils are required to achieve rich paint application and high opacity. Also the subsequent usage plays a big role and makes the relevant demands on smear- and scratch resistance.

Resin ribbons – the robust ones among the thermal transfer ribbons

The resin ribbons are suitable for the highest demands. A resin ribbon is smear- and scratchproof and resists different aggressive liquids like for example detergents, petrol and acids. In addition, the resin ribbons guarantee UV resistance and remain stable and perfectly readable even when warmed. The thermal transfer ribbons are also called carbon ribbons or transfer foils.

Thermal transfer ribbons for different applications

  • Wax ribbon: low in price and suitable for short-termed usage.
  • Wax-/resin-mixed ribbon: the scratch- and smear-resistance is within middle field. The wax-resin-ribbon is suitable for the most application areas.
  • Resin ribbon: the resin ribbon displays the highest quality and achieves the optimum results even on smooth surfaces. The paint application has the highest opacity and the scratch- and smear resistance is guaranteed. The resin ribbon is resistant against solvents and other liquids as well.

Labels for the thermal transfer printing

The labels are available blank or with a preprint. The preprint can be realized single- or multi-colored. The labels are available in different sizes.

We would like to advise you about thermal transfer ribbons and thermal transfer labels.
Thermal transfer ribbons in different designs.

Selection of the suitable label materials

In general, almost every material is suitable for the thermal transfer printing. The individually intended purpose by customer is crucial for the selection of the label material. Depending on the application different materials like paper, polyester, polyethylene or PVC can be selected. The desired adhesion features have to be taken into consideration as well.

Adhesion features

The labels are available with different adhesion features:

  • Permamently adhesive
  • Removable

Furthermore, there are suitable labeling materials for difficult substrates.

Thermal transfer ribbons in brand quality

We offer a large selection of brand products. You can get the thermal transfer ribbons in all desired widths, lengths and different colors.

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