Thermo-transfer-labels can be labelled subsequently on site. Blank or pre-printed.
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Thermo-Transfer-Labels Pre-printed or blank.
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Thermo-Transfer-Labels – Marking on Site.

For thermo-transfer-printers and dispensing machines for labelling and marking.

Should variable information be included onto your goods before, after or within the manufacturing process in your plant directly? Then, you should think about our thermo-transfer-labels for subsequent marking. Here we can fix data, such as your logo or an advertising slogan by partly pre-printing and leaving blank the remaining space for your vari-able data.


Perfect Interaction of Material and Technique

The materials used depends entirely on the future setting of the labels; they can be placed with permanent adhesive as well as with removable glue. Furthermore our labels are directly adapted to the size of your thermo-transfer-printer and to the special thermo-transfer-ribbons, in order to reach the most sharp-contour and durable printing result possible.


We will find the optimum solution for you.

Thermo-transfer applications can be integrated inline into your production process directly or they can be operated as an independent terminal solution. If you do not as yet have a thermo-transfer solution – we also can assist you in such case.


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