Type-plate-labels serve the unambiguous identification and allocation of the product.
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Type-Plate-Labels Resistant under extreme conditions. 
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Important Product Information - at the same time the Brand’s Characteristic Design Elements.

A type plate is found on almost all electronic components and technical devices nowadays. Type-plates very often show a noble appearance and create an impression of high-value quality to the customer. Further¬more type-plates serve for the unambiguous identification and assignment of a product, e. g. to refer to the producer or the importer. High potentials to the general durability of the label as well as the high adherence power onto the products round off the requirement profile of type-plate-labels. Mostly these are developed and produced according to demand; they can be supplied in all shapes and measurements. Type-plates can be subsequently marked individually with thermo-transfer-printers, laser-printers or inkjet-printers, depending on their material; they are available for interior as well as for exterior applications.


The Correct Material for each Requirement.

There are many possibilities, when choosing the material for a type label. Very often white or silvery foil labels are used. These are resistant against oil, water and UV radiation and can also be applied in case of extreme tempera¬tures. In addition there are materials that get wipe- and scratch-proof printing results when printed subsequently. Very often aluminium foils, or directly brushed aluminium are being used. These type-plates for example can be treated with laser and are also available with etched and lasered printing images.


Protect your Type Label against Manipulation.

With the increasing plagiarism and product piracy by now type-plates very often are combined with transmission-proof label materials: The type-plate destroys itself if somebody tries to take it off again once it had been adhered-to. Do talk to us – we certainly have got a tamper-proof type-plate solution that fits your products.


The Robos Production Programme:

Our production programme extends from simple textile labels for short-term marking to extremely long-living labels that are resistant against UV-radiation, acids, chemicals and mechanical influences, and that adhere to metal, cast, plastics, lacquer and many other materials. We also can offer you a lot of type-labels that have the UL- and CSA-certifications. Just contact us, we would be glad to inform you in detail about this topic.


We are your Competent Partner for Type-Plates:

Robos-labels are especially aligned with the requirements of the technical industry. The products fulfil highest quality requirements and make us the A-supplier for all requirements of the technical industry. We advise expertly, help you to choose the material, put specific material and print samples at your disposal and we make you an exclusive quotation. If you want us to, we would come to your plant and advise you directly on site. Please, just talk to us!

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