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Vegan labels free from animal components.

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Vegan labels and animal-friendly products are in demand

Consequent animal protection

By now more and more people eat vegetarian or vegan. They give up animal food. For vegans eggs, cheese and dairy belong thereto as well.

The amount of vegans in the population continuously increases. That is a reason why a completely new marketing branch developed rapidly during last few years. Meanwhile there is abundant vegan offer of precooked and preserved foods. Not just vegans belong to the targeted group, but also average consumers reach here and there for a usually attractive and high-class designed animal-friendly product.

The packaging and labeling should be vegan as well

To stick strictly to this philosophy all packaging has to be completely free of animal products as well. In outer packaging the label material is crucial for vegans. This is what the manufacturers of vegan products have to adjust themselves to. Moreover, not all common vegan seals take the packaging into account.

Possible animal components in labels

In label printing three components have to satisfy vegan standards. Those are the label adhesive, the label color and the label material. The color and material are already vegan in most productions for a while, but it starts getting interesting if we look at adhesives containing casein. Those are partially made of milk. As a substitute a labeling size on starch basis can be used, which is considered to be 100 percent vegan.

Company Robos offers suitable labeling materials which are completely free of animal components.

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