Weather-Proof Labels

Weather-proof-labels defy water and dust; they are UV-resistant and adhere perfectly.

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Weather-Proof Labels Perfect outdoors.
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Weather-Proof Labels – withstand UV-Radiation, Rain and Snow.

Sunny Sights for your Marking.

Your exterior label in the shall be very long-lived in spite of bad weather? In all places where labels are exposed to exterior conditions such as water, dirt, cold, and UV-light, very high demands are made to material and workmanship. The correct glue ensures for perfect adhesion, regardless of whether it's cold or hot.


The combination is what creates the Materials.

Foil materials made from PVC- or PE-foils are very robust and weather-proof. Special protection laminates are used to protect the label against exterior influences. If the label should continue to adhere in case of deepest temperatures, a special deep freeze adhesive is applied. In case of a high level of non-fading and heavily stressed labels, even today it is almost impossible to circumvent silkscreen printing. Please, do profit from our many years of experience and our combined printing methods, as well as from more than 600 special materials in stock.


Weather-Proof Labels – 1001 Applications.

Independent of whether or not your labels are used in a logistic process, or adhered to automobiles or on products that are processed in outdoor areas – the application opportunities are as diverse as labels made by Robos. Very often, however, labels must survive long-time cleaning processes. Modern foil labels, made by Robos out of PVC or PE do fulfil these requirements.

UV-Protection made by Robos – Your Label continues to have Bright Colours and are Robust.

With its state-of-the-art technology, Robos produces UV-protected labels, also four-coloured in digital printing with high resolution and very good picture quality. Special UV-protection-laminates from producers of special foils, such as 3M and Flexcon, for example, protect the underlying printing ink against the detrimental UV-radiation and prevent the colours from fading. Additionally these laminates provide protective functions against abrasion, humidity and aggressive liquids.

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